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  Just write a reply to these two posts. Write in your own words. One paragraph for each post. Please differentiate which reply is which.  

Reply A Tracy

To become an RN one must finish at least two years of school at an accredited college, graduate, and pass the NCLEX exam.  That in itself would make a person have an ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing).    An ADN would give a nurse great flexibility to choosing among many types of nursing jobs.  It is also the minimum degree level for an RN.  One might also choose the four year route and get a BSN ( Bachelor of Science in Nursing) and then take and pass the NCLEX.  By doing this one would open up even more opportunities in ones choice of jobs than having an ADN.  To further ones education even further one might choose to get their MSN ( Master of Science in Nursing).  To do this it depends on the program and the pace at which you take the classes,  half or full time,  to determine the length of time this degree would take a person.  It can range from months to years after having achieved your BSN.  A MSN does give you various opportunities, however, it  also give you the chance for higher-level positions such as management.  A MSN degree focuses more on the higher-level career paths.  

As with most careers out there, the more education you have behind you, the more potential one has for a higher salary.  Not only is the money better but the potential for leadership type roles increases exponentially.  Along with the money also comes more responsibilities.  If All three, An ADN,  A BSN, and A MSN  applied for the same job it is more likely that the one with the MSN will be the one to receive the job offer, even if they are all qualified.   

As for the basic difference in the roles of nurses I can only attempt to make it easy in this way.  The ADN is given information and technology to use to better care for and teach their clients.  They have opportunities in a wide variety of health field jobs.  The BSN has the information and technology and they evaluate how to use it to better help the clients achieve their needs and health goals.  The BSN  has more school and the same opportunities as the ADN but also has opportunities in leadership and administration.  The MSN has this information and technology, has evaluated its uses, and then compiles that information into a plan on how to better care for the clients needs and health goal.  The MSN has the same opportunities as the ADN and the BSN but also has a greater opportunity for more promotions in the higher-level jobs 

Reply B Caden

A nurse with an Associates degree in Nursing has only done two years at a nursing school. They must also pass the NCLEX exam to become certified. A nurse with a Bachelor’s Science Degree in Nursing has done two years of prerequisites to prepare and completed the two year nursing program with more in depth nursing classes. A nurse with a Masters Degree in Nursing has done five or more years of schooling all of them had to have passed the NCLEX to be certified a RN. in t

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